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Sarah Webb

Sarah has been dancing for over twenty years and holds a B.F.A in acting from Emerson College. She first discovered barre in NYC where she taught at the Lotte Berk Method,
and eventually began teaching barre at Rasamaya in Newburyport in 2012.

Additionally, through Rasamaya’s rigorous teacher training program she also reached her three hundred hour yoga training certification.

Utilizing her training and experience Sarah loves to share her knowledge of movement to help others to achieve their fitness and personal wellness goals.

Over the years she has continued to dance via samba, salsa, tango, ballet, as well as other forms of dance, but fell in love with aerial silks over ten years ago and now teaches others the skills necessary for the circus arts. She just can’t sit still for too long!

She hopes to bring her knowledge of movement to Motivate utilizing a fun, sexy approach, with lots of hip circles, and rock n’ roll. In addition to being a movement and fitness instructor Sarah is the mother of a beautiful and spirited two year old, Sebastian, and married to the up-and-coming rock star Clark Webb.

She is excited to be teaching again at Motivate after her extended baby break!!

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