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Pamela Armstrong

Pamela Armstrong

Pam Brockmeier Armstrong has a passion for keeping her body in motion and challenging herself. She has been a swimmer and a cyclist for many years and dabbles in triathlons when she forgets that she dislikes running. However, more than fifteen years of practicing yoga has helped her realize that not every motion must be forward or fast or linear.

When Pam discovered AtoZ Method in its first summer, she was thrilled that it both complimented and strengthened her athletic interests, and she was stunned to find muscles she never knew she had! She has been actively teaching barre since 2009, is a Rasamaya certified yoga instructor, and Spinning Instructor Certified. As a teacher at Motivate, Pam endeavors to bring out a passion for finding your challenge every day, as well as for finding your relaxation.

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