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Marianne Katavolos

Marianne has been practicing yoga on and off for 20+ years! She has a passion for moving as well as the holistic health of the body and mind. In recent years she has a regular yoga practice that has proven to immensely improve her own overall health.

Marianne believes that…a strong body that is flexible is what leads to sustainability. You can’t have one without the other. Yoga can and should be a part of our daily rituals. We run, we swim, we bike, we play basketball, we lift weights, we move…but how do we feel afterwards? Yoga is that missing ingredient that adds the stretch of the body and the peacefulness of the mind. It is attainable for everyone.
She completed a ten-month intensive yoga teacher training that included a focus on anatomy and posture alignment and wants to share that knowledge with others. Always a student she continues to take classes to remain updated and provide her students with the best possible experience. Her hope is to share her love of yoga and have it positively affect her students on and off the mat.

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