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Heather Turkel

Heather Turkel

Athletics have always been an integral part of Heather’s life. Throughout school, she participated in various sports, excelling in soccer and volleyball. In College Heather played soccer competitively. In her twenties, she found yoga as a complementary practice to the other sports in her life, but after many years, didn’t feel like it was “enough”. Heather found the results she was looking for in Barre. She began to notice that she was stronger and faster in other sports and that her physical body began to look longer and leaner. Her endurance also increased and is now better than in her younger years! Barre has truly helped Heather exceed her physical fitness goals and continues to inspire and amaze her. It is Heather’s wish to share these findings with her students as a Barre Instructor, knowing that barre is accessible to students of all fitness levels.

Outside of the studio, Heather holds a design degree from RISD and can usually be found designing clothing for her two girls. Otherwise, she is most likely coaching and playing soccer, on her mountain bike, or most favorite of all, going on adventures with her husband and daughters.

Heather was certified as a Motivate Barre instructor in 2015.

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