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Claire Papanastasiou

Claire Papanastasiou

Introduced to spinning more than 20 years ago, Claire fell in love with its feel-good vibe and positive effects on body and mind. Having grown-up with three older brothers, Claire was introduced to high intensity sports (and face plants) at an early age. The physical intensity of spin was a natural fit for Claire, who went onto to complete several sprint triathlons.

Certified since 1999, Claire has taught in Boston and local gyms, basing her rides on having fun to upbeat music while simulating outdoor cycling. She’s constantly inspired by the energy and dedication of her students, some of whom have gone on to become instructors themselves.

When not riding indoors or out, Claire enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking, writing, spending quality time with loved ones and patting (and sometimes hugging) strangers’ dogs on the streets of Newburyport. A graduate of Northeasten University School of Journalism, Claire balanced her then-crazy professional life as a legal journalist and later-Big Law public relations head with spinning.

Now, she’s living the dream, working locally at national PR agency Matter Communications, where she is a director, and teaching spin in her own backyard. (Literally, Claire lives a block away from Motivate.) Doesn’t get any better than this.

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