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Anne McCoy

Anne McCoy

Anne grew up in Angers, France and developed a great passion for horseback riding at an early age. She was a regular competitor as a jumper and spent all of her free time caring for horses and being a presence at the local barn.
When Anne moved to the United States in 1999, to teach French and Spanish, she found it difficult to instruct and keep a regular riding schedule. As an alternative, Anne went to some gyms, but it wasn’t the same. She soon discovered yoga and practiced it regularly. Anne also tried classes, such as kickboxing but it wasn’t a good fit. She wanted to find something different.

It wasn’t until Anne moved to Newburyport with her family, that she tried barre and fell in love. Anne felt that she was having fun with friends while working out, which was new. She quickly saw personal results and decided to work hard. She also liked the fact that it was challenging, but that she never got hurt because the instructors always made sure she had proper form. The small movements and the muscle isolation theory made sense to her.

When Anne was asked to teach barre, she saw it as an opportunity to share her passion with others. Anne loves barre because it’s safe, fun, challenging and different every day. She was certified to teach Motivate Barre in 2015. Anne later became Spinning Instructor Certified as well.

And when not at the barre or bike, she is back at riding horses and finding that her time at the studio is making her a better rider than ever!

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