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Jen Garner

Jen Garner

Jen’s passion for fitness and health extends beyond her work. Growing up she was a competitive athlete in volleyball, soccer, and track & field. She has immense knowledge about anatomy and physiology through her work as a neuromuscular massage therapist in NYC for many years, with clientele being many professional and nonprofessional athletes, as well as celebrities.

Her passion for food and health inspired her to study holistic nutrition, and has been a certified Health & Nutrition Coach in NYC and now Boston.

In recent years she’s found a new love, Barre! She became certified in Pilates before getting certified in Barre. This gave her a strong foundation in the principles of proper spinal alignment and movement. Most recently, she was an instructor at Fly Barre in Boston. It influenced her to create very athletic barre classes set to music with a driving beat and some Bass! It will make you want to dance and pushes you to keep pulsing!!

Her favorite hobby is cooking! She loves to revamp classic comfort foods to a healthier standard, but also believes that really dark luscious cake or your grandmother’s Mac and cheese is sometimes the answer. You can find her creations on her Instagram Kale_Chick.

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