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is fun.

Working out is challenging enough. If it isn’t enjoyable, you are far less likely to stay with it. Motivate Barre and Core & Cardio are constantly changing…the moves, the music, the momentum. It keeps you on your toes (quite literally sometimes)…in body, mind, and spirit. You’ll never get bored.

is challenging on muscles while kind to joints.

The movements are safe, small, and controlled. There is less pressure on your spine, joints, ligaments, and tendons in Motivate Barre classes. Using proper, instructor-led form, your core is engaged throughout class thereby improving posture. Motivate Barre builds bone density.

meets your body where it is.

If you are brand new or are a seasoned barre or cardio enthusiast, you can successfully work out side-by-side at Motivate Barre. Educated and seasoned instructors can modify or challenge each client simultaneously. No experience or coordination is necessary. Motivate Barre is for EVERYONE!

increases flexibility.

Do a quick Google search on “flexibility and aging” and you will be astounded at just how important flexibility is to our aging bodies. Flexibility affects our performance, movement, ability to bounce back from injury…and is the most often ignored part of our exercise regimen. Motivate incorporates stretches into every class.

increases lean muscle mass.

Building lean muscle mass increases your metabolic rate. We lose muscle mass as we age. That lowers our basal metabolic rate (BMR) which means we are less able to use the food we eat and we store more as fat. Our muscles have high energy requirements; they use more energy, even when we are at rest. The strength training in Motivate Barre increases our lean muscle mass thereby increasing our ability for our muscles to work more efficiently… even when we are at rest.

creates a habit.

If your goal is to become stronger, leaner, more flexible, gain more endurance…or all of the above, you need to take action. Motivate Barre works out the ENTIRE body. There are no days spent on particular body parts; we get it all in. Make Motivate Barre a regular part of your life and you will see and feel the difference.

gives you fast results.

Noticeable changes occur in the first month: your posture changes, you start to see lines in your arms, you feel your work out in muscles you didn’t even know you had. Even more rapid results occur when you attend 3 to 5 classes per week.

keeps your spirits lifted.

The endorphins you get from your Motivate Barre and Core & Cardio and Yoga sessions will undoubtedly lift your mood…so will the improvements you will see. You will clearly notice a change in posture, tone, endurance, and flexibility. The sense of community and personal attention your receive at Motivate Barre keeps you coming back too. We are a welcoming studio and we know you by name. Nothing MOTIVATES like feeling at home and seeing success.

Haven’t been to such a kick butt studio ever!! I love it :)”. ~ Sarah S.


our instructors.


our classes.


Maybe it was Barre that brought you to Motivate. Maybe you were drawn in by Core & Cardio. Or perhaps it was knowing that you could schedule in a great Cycle class. Whatever attracted you, we challenge you to try all our classes and instructors. This is especially true if you have created a great habit and are attending classes regularly…you may find yourself taking the same classes from the same instructors. It may be time to step out of your comfort zone to try something new. Change will actually strengthen your body and your mind. Different classes target your muscles groups and cardiovascular system in different ways. Each instructor couples deep fitness knowledge with a unique style that will help you find new ways to challenge yourself to become both stronger and more flexible. Change it up, your body will benefit!

Motivate Barre

is a dynamic, full-body, joint-safe workout that strengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body that originates in the Lotte Berk and A to Z Methods. Motivate Barre is set to fun and upbeat music and combines ballet barre work, core conditioning, yoga, Pilates, and orthopedic exercises. The controlled movements are very focused, effective, and safe. (No coordination is necessary.) Proper alignment and form is the primary focus. Incorporated into each session are active stretches to develop more toned, sculpted, lengthened, and supple muscles. The entire body and mind are constantly working throughout each session. Every position is cued to properly achieve and maintain core engagement. Through this process, your body, posture, and physical awareness will be transformed. No area of the body is left undiscovered in a barre class. We will tap muscles you didn’t even know you had.

“I was completely new to barre, and pretty intimidated by the whole thing. Meghan made it so easy to jump in! After two weeks, I was hooked! I have never seen such fast results in my strength and flexibility – plus I lost 10lbs in my first couple months. Absolutely LOVE Motivate Barre!!”  ~ Kate

Motivate (wicked hard) Barre

Take what you know about our barre class and add some caffeine.  This class has tight transitions and pushes you past your limits.  Pay attention…this class moves fast.

Motivate Core & Cardio

is going to make you sweat. Wear your sneakers and bring your towel. A perfect complement to Motivate Barre, Core & Cardio combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with core work and stretching. This component of your sessions with Motivate is the ultimate in fat-burning. HIIT is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. HIIT increases the body’s need for oxygen during the effort and creates an oxygen shortage, causing your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery. This “catch-up” effect is the reason why intense exercise will help burn more fat and calories than regular aerobic and steady-state workouts.

 “I have never sweat so much in any class, ever, like I do in Core & Cardio.”  ~ Meagan N.

 “I need two towels for Core & Cardio.”  ~ Brian C.

Motivate Cycle

Consider what you know about indoor cycling and take it up a notch. You’ll get all the benefits of a cardiovascular workout with low impact without losing the intensity. The instructor’s voice and pumping music will challenge you to take it to the next level. Complement the strengthening and lengthening of your barre regimen with this all-out-sweat-fest.
New Cycle clients, please get to class 10 minutes before to get fitted to your bike.

 The room is great, love the candles. Each instructor has their own unique style, which makes attending classes throughout the week so fun!  ~ Jennifer R.

Motivate Cycle & Core

45 minutes on the bikes followed by 15 minutes on the mat. Sweat-fest and an ab blast. No joke.
New Cycle clients, please get to class 10 minutes before to get fitted to your bike.

Motivate CardioBarre

Motivate Cardiobarre is a perfect fusion of our Motivate Barre and Core & Cardio classes. This is an upbeat, sweat-filled, fast-paced class that conveniently checks off your muscle-building and fat-burning needs at once. You’ll need your sneakers… and a go-get-em attitude for this one!

Motivate CardioSculpt

With the energy and sweat level of our core & cardio class, CardioSculpt utilizes functional movements with resistance. It’s fast-paced,without losing sight of our body alignment principles. Be prepared to squat it like it’s hot.

 Motivate Cardiobarre is the best of the best brought into one action-packed class. And don’t let the 45-minute class fool you…this is tough stuff!  ~ Karen M.

Motivate YogaStretch

Is sitting the new smoking? Develop strength, flexibility, and postural awareness to counter the effects of a sedentary lifestyle or to complement intense strength and cardio work that lacks an ample stretch component. Motivate YogaStretch combines intense strengthening and lengthening work with the deep stretch and calm strength inherent in yoga.

 “Intimate class-size coupled with serene & mindful instruction puts yogastretch on my CAN’T MISS list. Pam’s well-timed reminders, her careful oversight, and her eye for position and adjustment makes this class a standout. The results are immediate.” ~ Erin C.

HiiT The Rail Trail

This fun and diverse outdoor interval training class mixes body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. This class is designed to be different all the time, and pushes our participants harder than they’d push themselves. We want to keep you guessing – and challenge you differently every class! Our goal is to offer encouragement rather than intimidation. We want you to have tons of fun – but please be prepared for some high intensity interval training!! This class is offered for all ages and fitness abilities!

Details: Class starts and finishes at the Rail Trail where it intersects Washington Street.

the schedule.

the schedule.

You may sign up for classes below. If you’re on a mobile device you can also use the Mindbody app for iOS and Android:



workshops & events.

& events.

the details.

what to expect

First and most importantly, expect to have fun…it is sort of a requirement. If you are new here, please create an online account when you register for classes. All scheduling and payments are done online through the mindbody online system. (If you need help, email us and we’d be happy to assist you.) Mindbody also offers apps for your phones for ease of signing up on-the-go on iOS and Android:





Registration opens a week prior to class for studio classes. Workshops, events, and series registration opens approximately a month before they begin.  Classes can fill and guests may be waitlisted. If waitlisted, you will receive an email from the studio if space opens (don’t opt out of emails or you won’t get these notices). First time clients should arrive at least 10 minutes early so we can show you around.

studio etiquette

It is our goal to make your time at Motivate as comfortable and enjoyable as we can. Our policies are designed for the whole rather than the individual but if you need special accommodations, please ask.

• We have mats at the studio available for you. If you’d rather, you may bring a personal mat for your use.

• Clean indoor sneakers/cycle shoes are required for all Core & Cardio, Cycle, and CardioBarre classes. Sneakers that are worn outside bring mulch, sand, and glass into the studio which is uncomfortable for clients when on the mat and floor.

• Please plan to attend the whole class for which you are registered. Arriving late and/or leaving early is disruptive to the flow of class, takes clients out of their mind/body connection, and can be a hazard to other clients as you move weights over them as you exit.

• Next, to save us from spills, please do not bring glass or uncapped drinks into the studio.

• Cubbies and hooks are available to store your personal belongings.

• Finally, please turn mobile phones to silent before the start of class. Please refrain from phoning/texting/emailing during class as well. We really want the studio to be an escape from our busy lives. The calls/texts may be disruptive to clients around you trying to focus on their work. If for some reason you need to take a call/text, please be sure to excuse yourself to the bathroom or outside the studio. In the same spirit, please refrain from conversation once class begins so that everyone may be able to hear the instructor and focus on themselves during class.

• Clients may reserve one class per time slot. If you choose to reserve one class and waitlist another for the same time, you are responsible to both classes. In the event you get into both, you will be double-booked and must cancel one in order to avoid no show fees or a lost class on your pass.

Using the Waitlist

The studio offers a waitlist for each class in the event the roster is full. In order to waitlist yourself, payment must be made. If you don’t get a place in class, the class will remain in your account.

If someone on the roster cancels their reservation, those on the waitlist get pushed into class and notified via email in the order they reserved.

The waitlist closes 12 hours before class and all classes go back into the accounts of those on the waitlist. Those who did not get into class will no longer be notified if a spot opens up due to a late cancel. Those on the waitlist still have the option to check the roster for late cancellations and add themselves to class if they wish.

cancellation policy

There is a 12-hour cancellation policy on all classes.

These policies are designed to make sure Motivate Barre & Cardio can accommodate as many clients as we can. We want those who wish to come to class to have a space reserved, and those on the waitlist to be notified in time to settle in comfortably.

• You can cancel your reservation via your account up to 12 hours prior to the start of class. If outside of the 12 hours before class, members and those on unlimited class passes: a late cancel or no-show will result in a $14 fee ($9.50 for core & cardio). For those on a class pass: a late cancel or no-show will result in the loss of the class and you will charged as attending. You may still cancel your reservation outside of the 12 hours before class to allow another client to get into class, but the late cancel policy still applies.
• Private/duet/small group sessions require a 24-hour cancellation. Outside of the 24-hour cancellation, you will be charged as attending.
• Please be aware that spaces will be released as soon as class starts for the individuals on the waitlist/walk-ins, so please be sure to arrive at least five minutes before class.
• We understand emergencies happen; email us in case of extenuating circumstances.
• In the case of a class cancellation, we will post on our Facebook page and on mindbody online.

Motivate reserves the right to cancel class if there are fewer than 5 clients pre-registered 2 hours before class or 8pm the evening before a 545am class.

Class packages cannot be shared between two people. Each person must have their own account within our mindbody online system and their own class package to use. We can however set it up so that you “pay for another client”. Please email us at meghan@motivatebarre.com if you would like to do this.

Studio Snow Policy

If we can hold classes, we will! So please keep checking the website.

If you are unsure of your ability to get to class, please cancel yourself out within the early cancellation window to allow for others to take a spot at the bike/barre. You can always sign up again when you are sure you can make it in safely.

For unforseen overnight snow/ice events, please contact the studio if you can’t make it to a 545am class safely. No worries on the late cancel fee.

For classes during school hours, if Newburyport schools (or your child’s school if coming from another district) are delayed or cancelled, please cancel yourself out from class (no shows don’t apply) and forward the cancellation email to the studio by 630am. Please state that you were affected by the school closure/delay. No worries on the late cancel fee. Many of our clients don’t have children in the schools…we can give those on the waitlist time to be contacted in the case that they want to attend class.

For evening classes, if weather-related travel has the chance of inhibiting your ability to make it to class, please cancel yourself out from class within the early cancellation period. You can always sign up again when you are sure you can make it in safely.

*Policies can change without notice. You are responsible for staying updated and are responsible for abiding by new policies.


Motivate Barre & Cardio is located in the heart of Downtown Newburyport in the historical Mercantile Building on Prince Place (just around the corner from Lexi’s and the Port Tavern). There is free on-street parking throughout the entirety of downtown. You may also use the municipal parking lots next to our building or a few yards away next to the Public Library. After class, make your way back down State and Pleasant Streets for some coffee or shopping.

rates & membership.

rates &

Ready to motivate? Simply click/tap the shopping cart icon and you’ll go to Mindbody where you can complete your purchase.

  purchase gift cards


  New Client Special: 3 classes for $21 (2-week expiration)

  Intro Private Plus Two Weeks Special: $99 Private Session Plus Unlimited Studio Classes for 2 Weeks – BEST VALUE for New Clients Who Seek a Little More One-to-One Attention

motivate membership

   Unlimited Studio Classes $119/mo. via autobill. (6-month minimum)

member benefits:

For every three member referrals, one free month for you.
Member Appreciation Events
One Vacation Hold per Year
10% discount on products

Other Options

  Barre or Cycle Drop-in Rate: $17

  Core & Cardio Drop-in Rate: $12

  *5 All Class Pass: $75 ($15 per class)

  *10 All Class Pass: $140 ($14 per class)

  **20 All Class Pass: $260 ($13 per class)

  *Core & Cardio 10-pack: $95 ($9.50 per class)

*5 & 10 All Class passes expire 4 months from purchase.
**20 All Class Pass expires 8 months from purchase.

  Month Unlimited Pass: $160 (30-Days pass, no commitment)

  Six Month Unlimited Pass: $650 (6-month pass, no commitment)

  Year Unlimited Pass: $1,200 (365-Days pass, no commitment)

  Youth (under 17 years of age) all class 10-pack: $99

  Youth (under 17 years of age) core & cardio 10-pack: $75

private, duets, and small group sessions — in-home and in-studio. contact meghan@motivatebarre.com to schedule.

  Single session: $85/hour

  10 Session Pass: $750

  Duet session: $100/hour

  10 Duet Session Pass: $900

  Small group (3 to 5 people): $150/hour

  5 small group sessions: $675

If income is an issue, please contact Meghan at the studio. Cost should not keep you from meeting your health and wellness goals. We will work something out together.


Corporate rates available. Please email the studio. 15% discount is available to students, teachers, veterans, and military. Please email the studio for promo code before making your purchase.

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